North Edge Unisex Outdoor Sports Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Smartwatch For Adventurer

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Model: Range-W
Material:silicone + Plastic
Type:Unisex Smart Watch
Product Description


1,Time functions: hour, minutes,second,year(2010-2099),month, date, weekday, 12H/24H
2,Alarm clock
3, Countdown timer (99:50:59~0)
4,Stopwatch (0~99:59:59),(Max record 10 group).
5, Pedometer, Step counter, Movement time record calorie, distance record
6, Sunrise and Sunset times (Default 28 cities or se the latitude and Longitude).
7, Compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, air pressure trend
8, The total increase.decrease height, Highest point/lowest point
9, Air pressure trend chart( latest 48 hours)
10,7 days altitide, barometric record and check
11,Movement relative height view
12, Digit compass, 16 direction display
13, Low battery remind
14, EL backlight



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