3 Pieces Wrist Hand Gripper and Finger Exerciser Trainer Set for Arm Hand Finger Strength

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Wrist force former:

This product is used to exercise your wrist and prevent hand and wrist problem due to intensive working on mouse or keyboard. It provides effective power exercise for golf, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis and many other sport. It will do good to your wrist, hand and forearm when practiced regularly.

Hand Gripper

Adjustable: Dial easily adjusts resistance from (10-40kg), you can either increase or decrease level freely, perfect for bodybuilding, weightlifting, wall climbing, and more.

Finger Exerciser

Isolates each finger to strengthen individually. Prevents stronger fingers from helping the weaker ones. Optimises strengthening in each finger and overall dexterity. Allows musicians to play more effectively and beautifully. Helps computer users to increase typing speed and accuracy

Material: ABS TPR

Set A: 1x Silver wrist force former(45LB)+1x Hand and finger exerciser+1x Hand gripper+1x bag

Set B: 1x Silver wrist force former(45LB)+1x Grip ring+1x Hand gripper+1x bag

Set C: 1x Black wrist force former(45LB)+ 1x Hand gripper+1x Hand and finger exerciser+1x bag

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