Bicycle pedal

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Product Name: Bicycle Palin Foot

Model: PD-M56

Material: main aluminum alloy, shaft core chrome molybdenum steel

Color: carbon black, titanium silver, dark red, sky blue, bright gold

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Product size: 10.5cm*9.4cm

Packing: boxed

Product axis specifications: tooth pattern 9/16, diameter about 14MM

Features: Bearing structure, flexible rotation. Suitable for road bicycles, folding bicycles, urban leisure bicycles, small-diameter vehicles and other leisure-type lightweight bicycles. The body 6061 aluminum alloy is mechanically machined to create a pedal frame structure. The built-in structure of San Pei Lin provides the pedal itself with the pursuit of lubrication. The hardness of the chrome molybdenum steel core provides a strong guarantee for the pedaling. The striking red non-slip nail provides a powerful grip for the ride. The butterfly shape blends with the nature. I hope to add luster to your car, and the pedals and pedals. The combination of the color of the body makes this lightweight bicycle pedal come out, giving the rider the pursuit of lightweight riders;






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