Intelligent steering helmet led bicycle equipment

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Safe, durable and comfortable: our male and female bicycle helmets meet CPSC and CE safety standards and can withstand any weather. The battery lasts for about 6 hours in batch mode and 3 hours in solid state mode. The helmet fits most head sizes 54-61 cm comfortably.
Touch rotation: When you turn, just touch the corresponding button on the included wireless remote. Even with a bicycle helmet - you still need to send a right hand signal when you turn!
Stop completely: If the hard brake light function is activated, the LED on the back of this adult bicycle helmet will glow solid red, so that anyone behind you knows that you are slowing down. Please note that disabling this feature by default saves battery life.
Warning on the road: white LEDs in front, red LEDs on the back, orange LEDs on each turn signal - drivers, pedestrians and other riders will see you when you wear a helmet. Now you can ride safer without having to use a set of accessories.
Smart Flash: The wireless backlight will indicate that you are turning left or right, it is displayed from a distance and tells you that the vehicle behind you is going to ride on time. Provides better visibility for cars and other riders, clear and highly recognizable, making driving safer.

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Color: photo
Power: USB charging
Features: ultra light insect helmet net, intergralmente
Function: waterproof, shockproof, safe

Battery: 2000 mAh battery骑行转向头盔_02




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