Rechargeable Bicycle HeadLight with Horn

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1. 120 decibels is enough to remind truck drivers, buses, cars and van drivers to protect the safety of riders.

2. USB charging is T6 wick, battery is XPE wick

3. 5 sound modes, long press the horn switch for about 4 seconds to change the sound

4. Switch wire length is about 30CM
5. Split button switch, can be installed anywhere with the handlebar, easy to touch, and can be operated while braking.
6. Easy to install, suitable for many types of pipe handlebars
7. Built-in 1200MAH polymer lithium battery (can be recharged more than 500 times)
8. IP44 waterproof.
9. Charging time: 2 and a half hours

Estimated shipping time: 20 days

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