Road bike wheel cover bicycle dust cover scratch protection cover

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Material: Lycra (milk silk) + elastic bandage

Printing process: thermal transfer printing

Dimensions: The size of the non-stretching is about 140*65cm, which is suitable for tires of 20-27.5 inches. The front wheel of the front wheel of the car can be used up to 169cm.

Packing: double-draw drawstring bag

Use range: bicycles, mountain bikes, folding bikes, etc.

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1. Put it in your home or office. Protect against dust and outdoor. Prevent scratches, animal bites, and anti-children's doodles.

2. Installation is simple and convenient.

Bicycle cover benefits:

1. Humanized design, beautiful patterns, like a decorative picture.

2. Open the package and put it directly on the wheel, which is convenient and simple.

3. Highly flexible milk silk fabric with high quality elastic straps for easier use.

4. Dust-proof design, so that you don't have to worry about repeatedly rubbing the dust caused by the bicycle, and push it into your home with confidence.

5. Scratch-proof design, use the bicycle cover, don't worry about the children or other people in the house accidentally scratching the car.

6. NOSBIKE exquisite small details: unique brand design, fully demonstrating the brand quality of NOSBIKE.

Bicycle dust cover cleaning method: Hand wash or machine wash.

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