Super Arms Rotating Grips for Arms Strength Exercising

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Name: 8-shaped super arm strength exercising

Super Arms is the new exercise device that uses steel-spring technology to deliver the resistance you need to build stronger, more powerful forearms fast!

Simply hold onto the Super Arms grips and rotate your wrists. You can do three different exercises with this Tough Arms for stronger flexor muscles, bigger extensor muscles and steel spring resistance.

 Material: ABS case, NBR handle, imported piano spring steel inner core.

 Product Specification: 10kg, 15kg, 20kg



  • Helps strengthen your arm muscles, wrist and shoulder power
  • Comfortable handles help you hold your grip better
  • Arm toning exercises
  • Arm workouts for women
  • Great tool to get toned arms
  • Light and easy to carry, which is suitable for home , office, gym or outdoor exercise to use.

Relevant notes: 

 10kg is suitable for beginners / young athletes / elderly people, while improving flexibility.

 15 kg is suitable for the general population in good health. 

 20 kg is suitable for professional athletes or fitness people who have certain requirements for arm strength.

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