XQ HQ Polarized UV protection sunglasses with 5 changeable lens

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Material : PC 

Lenses: PC Lenses UV400

Frame color: yellow, red, blue, black, white,

This cycling glasses includes the following accessories: 4 spares + myopia card slot + mirror box + mirror cloth + polarized test card + lanyard + sports headband + manual

The function of the polarizer:

When the polarizer is exposed to sunlight during the day, it can block harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays more effectively and prevent glare, which allows you to see the objects in front more clearly. With the principle of polarizer, it can more effectively prevent the glare of the oncoming glare, so that you can see more clearly, far away, no reflection, no glare when driving! ! ! !

Polarized glasses can not only cover the sun in summer, but also be a standing item for driving, hiking, hiking, and going out for leisure. In autumn and winter, it is also a baby that increases the light in the windshield. The stylish personality glasses are also a very eye-catching ornament, so that you can All seasons can shine!

$5 delivery cost

Estimated delivery time: 7 to 20 days

Excellent features of polarized lenses:
(1) The visible wavelength is between 380NM and 780NM. It is the general daylight we see during the day. It is made up of seven colors of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple, and the ultraviolet wavelength is 380NM. A harmful light that is invisible to the naked eye can cause conjunctivitis in the eye, long-term irradiation of the cornea, and may cause cataract. The high-efficiency filter layer of the polarizing lens can 100% filter UV (UVA, UAB, UVC).
(2) Polarized lenses eliminate glare: reflected light, strong light, glare. Reflected light and glare are ubiquitous, such as glare in automotive glass, water waves, snow and roads, or from direct sunlight, which interferes with human eyesight, making it impossible to see objects. Generally, colored sunglasses cannot eliminate these annoying rays. Polarized lenses can effectively eliminate all kinds of glare, reflected light and strong light. The film polarizing bar in the middle layer of the lens is like the blinds of the window. It will be all kinds of disorganized light such as retroreflective, glare or direct glare. The dense polarizing bar blocks the outside, turning the light into parallel rays into your eyes.
(3) Surface enhancement of the lens: The polarized lens is treated with high-tech surface strengthening, which is several times stronger than the general polarizer and has the ability of anti-wear and scratch resistance.
(4) The difference between ordinary dyed film and polarized lens: Generally, the colored spectacle lens on the market only dyes the spectacle lens to darken it, and does not shield the ray of sunlight, reflected light from objects, etc. People cannot see objects. The polarized lens can effectively eliminate the light reflected by each light and object, and only let the light wave in a single direction pass, so that the field of view is more vivid, making the object more natural and seeing the gorgeous nature.

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